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Public Awareness                                                           GREAT GANG


   MARCH 8

Vignettes from Varanasi

Varanasi, the cultural and spiritual center on the banks of Ganga was the most appropriate venue for Ganga run as the city is serenaded
by holy river Ganga, which is an embodiment of Mother and the right place for hosting the women folk for participating in the run on the
occasion of International Women's Day.

      The river Ganga, along with her many tributaries, has been the       millions of people.It was most appropriate that on the occasion of
      source of physical and spiritual sustenance of Indian civilization   the International Women's Day, Namami Gange', celebrated this
      for millennia. To the Indian mind, River Ganga is not only the       spirit of womanhood in honour of their remarkable contribution to
      holiest of rivers and purifier of mortal beings, but also a living   our society. The Great Ganga Run, was a Sporting celebration of
      Goddess - MOTHER GANGA . On the International Women's Day            the Women's achievements and empowerment.
      on 08 March 2019, it was a great opportunity to celebrate this day
      by Namami Gange as a part of public outreach programme to            The Great Ganga Run was held at Varanasi on 08 March 2019 on
      engage with the community especially the women to seek their         the occasion of International Women's Day. The Venue of the run
      participation in this national river Ganga rejuvenation program.     was Dr. BR Ambedkar Stadium, Badlapur. The 5 Kms Run was
                                                                           Flagged off by Shri G. Asok Kumar, Executive Director (Projects),
      International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social,    NMCG in the presence of DM & the other dignitaries from the
      economic, cultural and political achievements of Women. The          District Administration. The Ganga Pledge was administered
      day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. The  before the start to the participants.
      International Women's Day 2019 campaign theme of
      #BalanceforBetter was a call-to-action for driving gender            The Great Ganga Run was exclusively for Women and Girls and
      balance across the world.                                            the Run witnessed participation of over 6500 Women and Girls.
                                                                           All participants were provided with running T-shirts, post run
      The river Ganga is well-known as a feminine sacred symbol of         refreshment and Finisher's medal.
      Indian culture in addition to being a central source of survival.
      The Ganga symbolises faith, hope, culture and sanity and, since      There was an overwhelming participation from all the leading
      the beginning of time, she has been a source of livelihood for       Schools & Colleges of Varanasi and adjoining areas. The
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