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Projects         National Mission for Clean Ganga
                    New projects and initiatives

The National Mission for Clean Ganga continuing with its drive of pollution abatement on river Ganga basin has now taken up projects on
important tributaries also like rivers Yamuna, Kali, Ramnagar, Gomati, Damodar etc. The Executive Committee of National Mission for Clean
Ganga in its four sitting in this year has sanctioned 26 project worth `2581.89 crores of sewerage infrastructure and importantly projects
of different variety like restoration of kunds in Varanasi, experimenting with septage management at Chunar on river Ganga, second phase
of biodiversity conservation and community engagement, mapping of fluvial geomorphology of Hindon river, development of ghats and
crematoria etc. These projects which will be implemented in association with different implementing agencies, stakeholders and other
entities are aimed at bringing in substantial improvement in water quality of river Ganga and its tributaries as well as in engaging with the
community at various levels across the river basin.

                                     New Projects Sanctioned                                    Estimated Cost in `

Sewerage Infrastructure Projects

Interception & Diversion and Sewage Treatment Plant for Danapur town, Bihar                                 103.27 crore
Interception & Diversion and Sewage Treatment Plant for Phulwari Shariff town, Bihar                         46.25 crore
Interception & Diversion and Sewage Treatment Plant for Asansol & Kulti towns, West Bengal                  384.96 crore
Interception & Diversion and Sewage Treatment Plant at Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh                               206.05 crore
Interception & Diversion of Nallas discharging in Kosi River at Ramnagar, Uttarakhand                        52.40 crore
Interception & Diversion and STP works of Baghpat Town, Uttar Pradesh                                        77.36 crore
Firozabad Sewerage Scheme (Interception & Diversion) works, Uttar Pradesh                                    51.08 crore
Agra Sewerage Scheme I&D works (Part-2), Uttar Pradesh                                                      317.19 crore
Etawah Sewerage Scheme I&D works, Uttar Pradesh                                                             140.60 crore
Interception & Diversion works and Sewage Treatment Plant at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh                          681.78 crore
Interception & Diversion network and Sewage Treatment works at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh                       298.12 crore
Rejuvenation of existing STPs, lifting and pumping stations in 7 Municipalities in West Bengal               86.61 crore

Other Projects                                                                                  Estimated Cost in `

Restoration/Conservation works of Ponds/Kunds in Varanasi under Clean Ganga Fund                             18.96 crore
Biodiversity conservation and community engagement through WII                                              114.00 crore
Expanding conservation breeding program of freshwater Turtles and Gharial at
Kukrail Gharial Rehabilitation Centre, Lucknow                                                                 3.13 crore
Faecal Sludge & Septage management for Abatement of Pollution of River Ganga at Chunar (District-Mirzapur)     2.70 crore
Study on Environmental Flow assessment for Yamuna River from Hathanikund Barrage to Okhla Barrage              1.04 crore
Study on High resolution climate scenarios for basin-scale water resources management applications             1.31 crore
Development works on Ghats at Ghazipur, Danapur, Gopalganj, Muzaffarpur, Buxar, Hajipur, Bulandshahr         61.80 crore
Public Relations and Public Outreach of Yamuna Action Plan-III                                               20.46 crore

Overall Projects Update                No.                                                      Amt.(`. in crores)
Total projects taken up till May 2019  298                                                                  28,451

                 Glimpses from the Executive Committee meetings

Shri Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, Director General, chaired 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd Executive Committee Meetings of NMCG on 24th January, 2019,
15th February, 2019, 1st March, 2019 and 8th March, 2019 along with senior management of NMCG and senior officials of state govt.
departments and other stakeholders. The EC meetings have taken up wide variety of projects which are aimed at wholesome rejuvenation of
river Ganga basin & pollution abatement in the rivers.                                                                                                            5
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