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Clean Ganga Fund                                                  Public
A unique way to connect with people                                      Participation

River Ganga is held sacred by millions of Indians both within and         Domestic donations to 'Clean Ganga Fund' are available for 100%
outside the country and it may not be out of the place to state that it   Income Tax Exemptions under section 80 G 1(i) of the Indian
flows in the hearts of Indians wherever they are settled. Such is the     Income Tax Act 1961. Contributions to 'Clean Ganga Fund' also fall
reverence for this mighty and holy river that each one wishes for         within the purview of CSR activity as defined in the Schedule VII of
the cleanliness and health of Ganga and also want to contribute in        the Companies Act 2003. The 'Clean Ganga Fund' is to act as
whatever possible way to maintain its aviral and nirmal dhara. As         catalytic in nature and to fund specific projects which could
such, 'Clean Ganga Fund' provides a unique platform for one and           include Pilot projects, R&D Projects, Endemic Projects and other
all to connect with Ganga, contribute to the fund and become a            focused projects as part of 'Namami Gange' Program.
part of the major rejuvenation program of river Ganga which has           Contributions to 'Clean Ganga Fund' are being received in a
been taken up by the Government of India as an umbrella program           dedicated account maintained with State Bank of India, New Delhi
titled 'Namami Gange'. While the Government both Central and              Main Branch. As on date, the total contributions in the 'Clean
State are jointly working towards ensuring continuous flow and            Ganga Fund' account stands at `371.12 crores which includes
cleaning up of river Ganga by taking up wide variety of projects, it      donations/contributions made by Public Sector Undertakings,
is also important for the public at large, communities,                   Private Sector Undertakings, Resident Indians, NRIs and PIOs.
stakeholders and other entities to join hands and come forward for        Come, let us all join together for ensuring wholesome
ensuring that the waters of river Ganga remain clean, healthy and         rejuvenation, conservation and protection of river Ganga basin
green for future generations.                                             which is the lifeline of almost half the population of the country.

The 'Clean Ganga Fund' trust is administered by a Board of                      Projects under Clean Ganga Fund
Trustees chaired by Hon'ble Finance Minister and including up to 8
members from different fields including NRIs and others                  The Board of Trustees of Clean Ganga Fund has approved projects worth
nominated by the Board. The Secretaries of Economic Affairs              `202.50 crores on projects ranging from afforestation activities, treatment
Department, Overseas Indian Affairs, Environment Forest and              of drains, redevelopment/renovation of ghats and crematoria. An
Climate Change and Water Resources, River Development and                expenditure of `61.13 crores has been incurred till date out of 'Clean
Ganga Rejuvenation are ex-officio Members of the Trust with              Ganga Fund' corpus on these activities.
Director General, NMCG functioning as Chief Executive Officer of
the 'Clean Ganga Fund' trust.

Initiatives under Clean Ganga Fund

The 'Clean Ganga Fund' has taken up number of initiatives in reaching out and connecting with maximum number of people and believers in
the country as well as abroad. To begin with, the officers and staff of National Mission for Clean Ganga personally contributed to the 'Clean
Ganga Fund' on 15th January 2019 led by CEO, 'Clean Ganga Fund' and Director General, NMCG. During this event, NMCG was also joined
by stakeholders like SBI, UBI, HDFC, Implementing Agencies like EIL, NPCC, WAPCOS and other entities. An amount of `3 lakhs was
collected as personal contributions by the NMCG and other stakeholders. 'Clean Ganga Fund' has also been carrying out public outreach
campaigns through social media advertisements and posts exhorting the visitors on social media platform to join hands with Clean Ganga
Mission and also to bring in more and more people to join forces with Clean Ganga project. 'Clean Ganga Fund' desk invariably is put up at
various forums, workshops, exhibitions and seminars where the visiting participants and stakeholders are informed about the 'Clean Ganga
Fund', its activities and projects with an appeal to contribute to this fund which is deployed for projects of Ganga Rejuvenation.

Glimpses of NMCG contribution to Clean Ganga Fund

                              Clean Ganga Fund social media campaigns

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